First Post

Hi there!  Welcome!   Let me get started by telling you a little about myself.  I am currently a student working towards getting my masters.  Throughout high school I never ate healthy.  I didn’t even know what calories were… than I went away to college.  That first semester nearly killed me.  I must have gained over 20 pounds.  I ate like it was my job and slept even more.   Than I transferred home and got together with my now boyfriend.   We ate out everyday.  I still didn’t have a grasp on how big I had gotten or what I was feeding my body!  One year later, I decided to join Weight Watchers.  It took me from January until November to lose 32 pounds.  I felt great.   About a year later I ended up gaining some weight back.  Now I have been trying to lose the weight and figure out a way to live a healthy balanced life.

I crave junk food nd was finding myself never satisfied after a low point meal.  Now i am trying to focus more on eating wholesome filling foods to help me lose the last 10 pounds or so.

I have been reading other blogs for a few months now and am always inspired to write my own, but I was honestly a little nervous.  I know I have a lot to put together and need to start taking pictures of what I eat to share with all of you guys.

Have a great day!


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