Fall Saturday

Today I was lucky enough to spend the entire day with my boyfriend.  Most weekends he works alot, but today I decided to be his side kick.  First, I made him a nice breakfast of bacon,eggs, and toast while I had chobani pineapple yogurt mixed with cascadian farms vanilla almond crunch cereal and coffee.  Than we headed out to rake leaves at his neighbors’ house ( i got a minor splinter in the palm of my hand, but he was nice enough to play doctor and remove it for me).   He had to look at a car so I tagged along, but than we got to go home and I got to shower all the icky leaves off of me.   I reheated a pizza (Stew Leonards thin crust small pizza) for us and had a garlic knot on the side along with a clementine and coffee afterward.

I was in desperate need of Clinique’s facial soap.  I’ve been using a cheap brand and my face is all broken out, so we headed out to the mall.  He purchased DJ hero and is now attached to the TV!  I munched on a Luna bar.. it was chocolate peppermint stick.. very good, but the cookies and cream delight is still my favorite!

For dinner, I made us up some Stew Leonards Chicken Sausage Spinach and Garlic flavored with peppers and onions on small rolls.  It was delicious! I really am loving Stew’s chicken sausages!  One whole link is only 70 calories and full of flavor.   Of course I was immediately looking for dessert so I remembered reading a blog about how you freeze a banana and than blend it to get a sorta ice creamy banana dessert.   I happened to have a banana frozen, so I tried it with my magic bullet.  I had to add a little milk to get the banana to blend up, but I also decided to add 1/4 tbsp of peanut butter for flavor!  It was so good! I am wishing I bought more bananas when I was grocery shopping because I easily want to freeze my entire bunch.  (FYI you have to cut the banana up and put it in a plastic bag before you freeze it).   I also had a honeycrisp apple.

I feel I made pretty good and healthy decisions all day.  I made the boys chocolate chip cookies and might just have to have one.  We will see what the night brings!


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