Weekend Hangover….

Well this weekend was not a good food weekend.  I think because of all the carbs on sunday ( i mean ALL i had was carbs)  i was extra hungry today.  Breakfat was a chobani vanilla greek yogurt with some of Mix My Granola mixed in..  While at work I ate the food I had packed which was homemade chicken orzo soup, a caramel nut brownie luna bar, a clementine, an  apple (i had half), and a natural granola bar.  I didn’t plan to eat everything, but I ended up eating it all! When I got home I was so hungry and I just ate and ate and ate… boo!  I guess I had an early dinner…   I had half of a bagel wtih peanut butter, half of a roll with a slice of cheese, a fruit roll up, 4 chocolate chip cookies, and some dried mango!  Now my belly hurts and I’m regretting eating all junk.

I just don’t understand why I eat some of the things that I do.  It takes a lot of will power for me to make healthy options.  Ughh!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better…=)


One response to “Weekend Hangover….

  1. peanutbutterfingers

    i think we’ve all been there… eating tons & tons of carbs like they’re going out of style. that was me this weekend as well. i mean who eats ice cream & cookies for breakfast???

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