Late dinner kill me..

I’ve been suffering from “waiting-too-long-to-eat-dinner-so-i-want-to-eat-everything” syndrome.  The problem is I babysit during the day and go straight to class.  I eat breakfast before I babysit and I eat lunch while at babysitting (so I always pack something pretty healthy).   By the time I get home for dinner, I don’t feel like cooking and just want to eat everything in sight!  Tonight I was going to make chicken and broccoli, but the chicken smelled weird.  I’m a total freak about raw meat.  If it even looks the slightest bit weird I throw it out.  I know I am terrible, but I can’t help it!

Let’s get to the food..

Breakfast was a vanilla chobani greek yogurt with 1/4 cup of mix my granola and coffee.

Lunch was tuna (I make it with homemade bread crumbs, dijionaise, onions, celery, salt, pepper, lemon) on an arnold sandwich thin, a clementine, and  a natural fruit roll up from trader joes.

Dinner I just had a ham and cheese lean pocket.  I know, not so healthy, but at least it wasn’t a TON of calories.  I am still hungry though.  I was trying to wait 15 minutes to let the food settle and trigger my mind to say i’m full, but that’s not happening.

Another issue I’m having is that I want to cook healthy dinner options, but I live with my boyfriend and he is totally a meat, fries, and pasta kinda guy.  I don’t mind making him fries and not eating them, but the meat is an issue.  For the past 5 years we have mostly eaten dinner at his mother’s house. When I was doing weight watchers, I would bring my own dinner and when I wasn’t dieting I was digging into her yummy (not so healthy) meals.  I often find going to her house a trigger for me.  I end up blowing the whole day.  I know I need to be accountable for myself, but it’s hard.  I really would love to be able to cook dinners together and try new things and make our lives healthier together, but it is so hard for me.  I get home at about 7-7:30 most nights and he always gets home later, like between 8-9:30.  I can’t wait to eat dinner that late, so I end up eating iwthout him.  Idk.. i’m just rambling on.

I’m off to find something else to eat that will satisfy and fill me up..   have a good night.


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