What are all these buttons?

Hey there!  What are all these buttons I see?  I cannot figure out how to get my blog set up.   I want to have a section of about me, recipes, and idk what else yet but I cannot figure out how to do it.  I might have to resort to asking my sister since she create webpages, but I wanted to get this thing going first.   Oh well!

Well a lot has been going on here…  Jamie (myboyfriend) had surgery.  He had a deviated septum and needed to get it fix.  Surprisingly the surgery wasn’t terrible… he doesn’t have any packing or bruising.  Just internal stitches and some bleeding.  And of course he is very uncomfortable because he is so stuffed up.  His birthday is Tuesday, so tonight I am having my sisters over for dinner and cake for him.  (Shhh.. he doesn’t know yet).  The reason I didn’t tell him was because I don’t want him to be like “don’t make a big deal of it…blah blah blah…”  He is the greatest guy and does SOOOO much for my family that I think after 5 years of being together it’s finally time for me to have cake for him at our house  (usually we do it at his mom’s because he is a twin and they obviously celebrate together.)

Okay- so I have to admit it.. I spent about 3-4 hours online last night looking at blogs.  I don’t know why, but this has become my new hobby.  I love the idea of writing to the world out there!  Once I get all the tabs set up  and have this thing looking like a REAL functional blog I will be writing daily.  I think I have been avoiding it because I hate that it doesn’t look right!  I have found so many great ideas online for new foods to try.  Look I finally got some pics up. 

This was Starbucks Christmas blend coffee with a little hot cocoa added in.  I read about adding a little to your coffee for some chocolate flavor, but I don’t think I added enough.  Anyways..the Christmas blend is amazing!

For example,  http://www.mixmygranola.com/  (how do I just write mix my granola and have it connected to the link??)   I tried out when hungry-girl.com had a coupon code for it.  I got 2 different granolas.  One was with the low fat granola base and the other was with the organic granola base.  Let me tell you the organic granola base is so much better in my opinion!  I loved it so much I went through it in like 2 weeks.  Now I have to order more, but I am trying to save money, so maybe I’ll wait for another coupon code.

The low fat granola just didn’t taste as good to me.  Also I put banana chips in it and they were too sweet for me.

Ah that took me so long to just add 2 pictures! I definitely need some practice and to figure out the faster way to do things on wordpress.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love some help!

So the plan for today is get some school work done, try to run out to get Jamie a present, and take pictures of all my food for the day!  Have a great snowy Sunday!!


One response to “What are all these buttons?

  1. Happy Birthday to your boyfriend. Today is my birthday too. 🙂

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