Where has the time gone?

It’s already the end of Christmas day! I can’t believe it! The passed few weeks have been crazy (final projects for school, christmas shopping, and working..oh my!).  First let me start by saying i have a big cut on my right thumb and its hurts so bad whenever i use my thumb.  I just soaked it in warm salt water and now put neosporin on it so i cannot use it at all to type right now.  I have to tell you it is so awkward to  not use your thumb! This is taking so long!

So i’ve been trying to eat healthy lately, but holiday candy has snuck into my house along with some snacks! I dont have pictures of the food I ate (yea im obviously pretty bad at taking pictures) so let’s talk about Christmas gifts!

My boyfriend and I decided to set a limit on how much we spent on one another…i stuck to our plan but he spe t 5 times the amount we agreed upon!  He got me new sneakers, socks, olay definity cleanser and lotion, a loofah, those bra clips that hide your straps, slippers, and a gorgeous diamond necklace.  I was so surprised to get jewelry.  In all hones I thought he was getting me a dog because of some clues he left, but I was so off! (We had a dog,but he got hit by a car and we had to put him to sleep in April…neither of us are ready for a new dog quite yet..)

I also got a griddle with pancake mix and syrup, lavendar chocolate (still gotta figure out what that means and if it actually tastes like lavendar),  another pair of slippers, some cash, a scarf, a lotto ticket (i lost 😦 ) , victoria secret lotions, a resuseable plastic iced cofffee cup from bed bath and beyond, abercrombie pj pants, and a Sony e book reader with a gift card.   Wow… I got so much useful and sentimental stuff.   For example, my boyfriends mom got me the griddle, scarf, and coffee cup which were all things that i had mentioned i wanted,but never expected to get.   I honestly didnt expect much at all for christmas.

I am off from school now and planning on setting up the blog.  I am also planning on finishing “Something blue” and starting to read “Dear John” this weekend.  I love having off from school because it means I can focus on organizing my house (i have serious OCD with clutter) and I will be able to read for pleasure!

Have a Merry Christmas all!!!! Good night!


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