Last week off

Next week I start student teaching, taking my last 3 classes, and it will be my first week as a 24 year old!  My birthday is Sunday!  I am still a little kid and get very excited just thinking about my birthday!  I am not a bar person at all and I hate how we always have to get dragged out to a bar for people’s birthdays.  To me a bar is paying $7 dollars for a drink to stand around and talk to the same people you would have been hanging out with at someones house.  I just don’t get it.  Last year I had friends over and supplied some appetizers and dessert.  It was a nice quiet evening, but this year I’m going even more low key!  I just want to spend the day and night with my Jamie.  I think it will be fun just to relax and enjoy the day together.  I often wonder how old will people be when they stop going to bars on a regular basis??    I guess because I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and living together for most of me I’m just over that stage.

Now onto other news…

I finally got to try Barney Butter.  I caved and ordered the 90 calorie packs off of Amazon.  They are so convenient and of course the taste is amazing!  I also found the crunchy jar of Barney Butter in Mrs. Greens (a small health food store).  I had to buy it.  It was like an impulse thing.  I am not proud of how much it was though! Almost $10 dollars!! I am going to savor this baby!

Since I started reading food blogs, I am constantly on the lookout for new items to try. For example, I am looking for Carba Nada Noodles that I read about on Julie’s Website. Ahh that’s the first time I was able to link something. Haha. Okay so I have not put in enough time on figuring out the blog. I’ll admit it. I planned on figuring it out while I had winter break, but it just didn’t happen.

I also plan to make two desserts this weekend for my birthday. (i’m sorta just using my birthday as an excuse to make them). First is Break up bars. I found these because I read Carrots ‘n Cake quite often and Tina linked back to these bars that her friend made. They just look AMAZING to me! I can’t wait to try them. The second dessert I want to make is from Iowa Girl Eats. The recipe can be found here.

Ahh i’m going link happy now! I wonder if I can change the color of the font for the link so it stands out more.. baby steps here..=)

Breakfast today was:
Chobani vanilla greek yogurt
1/3 cup of Cheerios
a sprinkle of granola
Half a banana

Lunch is:
Turkey on a Weight Watcher bagel

Have a great day all!


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