Greek Yogurt

As I was scooping the greek yogurt out of the container this morning I was thinking about the first few times I tried greek yogurt. I actually did not like it at all. I had to add some sugar free maple syrup or a splenda to it to take away the bitterness. (I believe that was last summer). Now I eat it at least 4 times a week and really enjoy it. It is so filling and holds me over for hours!!

Have you ever wanted to like a food so bad for the health benefits that you kept trying it until you actually really did like it??

That’s exactly what I did here. I kept trying it with different things added in and finally now I like it with almost anything. This week i’ve been on a banana (trying to use them up before they are too ripe) and cheerios or granola kick. It is so yummy! Right now I am eating and still have about a third left and am full!!!

I always try to do weight watcher points in my head to make sure the calories aren’t wayy overboard. Let’s see..
Chobani Greek Yogurt = 2
A medium banana = 1.5
Cascadian farms granola 1/4 cup = 2
Coffee= .5

So here you see my nutritious breakfast is 6 points. Now when I followed Weight Watchers I would only have a breakfast of less than 3 points. I did this to save more points for later, but guess what? My breakfasts were never filling and hardly nutritious. I did lose weight, but there were weeks when I wouldn’t have a vegetable in my belly! How awful is that! I am so happy I am finally coming to peace with eating more filling and nutritious foods even if that means more “points.”

For now I am trying to post my breakfasts and than slowly move into lunches and dinners. I still can’t find my camera cord though!

Have a great day all!!!


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