The Big 2 4!


Well tomorrow is my 24th birthday and for some reason I’m feeling a little down.  Not sure why.. I don’t feel like 24 is old or anything and in some ways i’m glad to be finally getting out of the young adult stage, but i’m just a little down and out.  Today my plan is to stay in and clean for a bit than treat myself to a manicure (maybe a pedicure too).   Tonight we are going to a baptism and tomorrow I don’t really have any plans. Just to have dinner and cake with my family at night.

All of this turning 24 stuff got me thinking.  Maybe i’m sad because I am not settled with a job yet and scared I won’t find one come September.  I mean this is my last year until i’m 25!   Also I feel like this is supposed to be my prime years and i’m just letting them waste away  instead of taking action and working out a lot to get in good shape.  Sounds lame right?  I want to get into great shape and be toned.

Get Fit for 25 Challenge

So here goes… I’m going to start a challenge for myself.  Starting out I will workout at least 4 times a week.  I must hit that goal.  I can do videos at home, work out at my school’s gym, run/walk outside, and any other physical activity will count.  I have to get my body moving.  I need to take some before pictures.

As I write this I am getting very inspired.  I have til about 4 pm tonight free.  After I log off I am going to do a quick clean up around the house, get my exercise gear on and run outside.  I will feel much better about myself!

Okay so here goes.  Wish me luck! I gotta get my behind moving!!!


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