Chobani my Love

Okay, so I have a very serious addiction to Chobani greek yogurt.  Every morning I eat one 6 oz cup of vanilla chobani mixed with a cut up banana and a few cheerios at about 7:45 am.  It holds me over until 12 noon.  It is really my only mealf the day where I feel satisfied and full for hours.

So I decided to incorporate chobani into my dinner.  I had a craving for pancakes, so I took 1/3 pancake mix, about 1/3 cup of chobani (maybe a little more), with a little water and mixed it all up.  I cooked them and gobbled them up.  They were pretty good.  Very filling and satisfying.  My only problem was that the yogurt made them very moist..almost wet, but I woul dmake these again.

That’s all for now! Just had to confess my love for chobani!


2 responses to “Chobani my Love

  1. Im addicted to the stuff as well, my bf thinks im nuts how much yogurt I eat! lol


  2. Ah-my boyfriend stinks about how much Chobani I eat as well. I have added yogurt to pancakes and they are so moist! Just cook them a little longer and you’ll be heaven. Also-adding pancake to the mix makes them really good too. 🙂

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