Sunday sunshine

Good morning! I am sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and trying to decide what I would like for breakfast.   I need to get my bum in gear and head to the grocery store.   I have to restock up on chia seeds!  I first read about them on other blogs.  I decided to add them to my order of Mix My Granola (By the way, I love love love this website! Unfortunately I just can’t always afford to get my granola from them, but every order I have ever received was amazing!)

Back to the chia seeds though. In my granola they didn’t make a big difference, so when I finally pick up a a bag one day. I started by adding a tiny bit to my yogurt or cereal and slowly ended up with a teaspoon or tablespoons worth. It is supposed to have some good health benefits and be nutritious! I also love the little crunch it gives. You should try it!

The day’s plans:
Unfortunately a friend of ours lost a loved one, so we have to go to a wake today. It is very sad, but we will be there for him and support him.

Besides that, I am going to the grocery store and going to try to figure out meals for the week. If I preplan dinners I am hoping that I will end up with veggie filled options! Also frozen veggies are on sale!

I will update later with pics of my food and findings at the grocery store!

Have good day!


One response to “Sunday sunshine

  1. I went to a funeral this week—it was hard, but it was a beautiful funeral and I actually ended up being very inspired by the life this man led.

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