Biscuits for breakfast

Yes, really I had biscuits for breakfast… Wheatabix biscuits that is. In case you aren’t familiar with them they are whole grain biscuits that fall apart in milk and soak up the liquid. They sort of remind me of cold oatmeal.

Looks good right? Haha. I know it looks a little weird, but believe me it was delicious! The chia seeds were all on the top at this point.  Looks like little bugs crawling around.  I also had a cup of hot coffee that went undocumented.

I was brainstorming ideas for lunch. I am so sick of sandwiches. I realized I bought some Olivias mixed lettuce over the weekend and decided a salad it is!

I also added some steamed broccoli and about 5 peanuts. The dressing I used is called parmesan peppercorn. It’s 70 calories for 2 tablespoons and I used less than 1 tablespoon, so not bad. I also decided to bring some Dr. Krackers along. On the side I have pineapple. I am not that hungry lately during lunch so I hope this will hold me over until I get home this afternoon. I eat at about 12:30 and should be home around 4 today.  I am also brining a snack bar and a cheese stick, but forgot to take a picture.  I plan on eating them if I am really hungry.

I am going to the allergist today! Yes I am excited! I am so uncomfortable! Itchy throat, eyes, and even my skin is itchy. bleh!

Enjoy your day!

If you had enough free time and could do anything you wanted, what would you do?

I asked my friend this question last night. My answer was to find new recipes and cook them. I really want to focus on becoming a more adventurous and better cook.


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