Shape up or ship out!

Somehow I have managed to get through the winter without gaining any weight.  At some point I found a good balance of eating what I craved and nutritional food.  I have lost that balance! I don’t know what’s going on, but I have gained 5 pounds in the last month.  I know that I’ve been eating too much in the evening.  This is my problem.    I get out of student teaching and grab a snack.. usually it doesnt satisfy me so I eat a few things.  Than I am too full for a real dinner and end up just eating snacks throughout the evening.  So I’ve decided to create a challenge for myself.  It’s going to be called shape up or ship out (SUSO).

I just feel like I am eating way too much bread and processed foods.  They make me crave more bread and processed foods!  Than I end up eating way more than I need and end up feeling gross!     I finish student teaching tomorrow, so I will have more time on my hands to focus on the fitness part of the challenge.

My goal is to eat more nutritionally based foods that satisfy me.  This is breakfast!  I truly do have a love for Chobani! I’m obsessed with it! There is something about it that is always so satisfying and delicious!

And this is lunch.  Sorry it’s blurry.  I can’t figure out how to take good pictures inside of the house.  I am trying to do it next to a window for natural light and I turned off the flash, but I just don’t know.

Lunch is:

  • Chicken mixed with lettuce
  • a sprinkle of almonds
  • broccoli
  • drizzle of agave nectar
  • drizzle of balsamic vinegar

On the side, I have some cut up pineapple, a reduced fat cheese stick, and a nutrilite caramel creme bar.

The nutrilite bars are 100 calories and very yummy!  My friend did this program called Healthpointe and on it you can have all of the nutrilite products.  I’ve tried a bunch of the products and really like most of them, but I find the diet hard to stick to.  Also, the products are expensive so this will most likely be my last order of the bars.

So for, SUSO challenge my breakfast and lunch seem to be great!  I plan to barbeque chicken for dinner and make some veggies.  I need another snack somewhere in there.

Oh my boyfriend’s twin brother works at Starbucks and told me that tomorrow, Friday May 7, 2010 Starbucks is having a happy hour special.  From 3-5 pm all of the frappucinos are half off! I am definitely planning on going.   Starbucks revamped their frappucinos and now they are not made out of a premade mix.  It’s fresh milk (non fat, whole, or soy), a syrup, and some sort of coffee.  You can even get them decaf now!  I had one the other day and it tasted so much better than the old ones.

Alright all have a good day!


How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle?


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