Well today is sort of bittersweet.  I am finishing my student teaching today! At 3:05 pm I will be able to say I have my Masters Degree and am a teacher!   I am very excited, but also sad to leave.   It has been suchan amzing experience.  I have learned so much.   To treat myself, I am going straight to starbucks to get a grande frappucino!  (I’ve been having coffee light, but I might try a different light one)  since they are half price from 3-5!

Breakfast is going to be chobani yogurt again.  I’m telling you I cannot live without this stuff.  I just noticed I only have 2 left in my fridge.. I def need to stock up this weekend.  I get nervous if my supply gets too low.  I wish I could buy them by the case, but vanilla is my favorite flavor and they don’t come by the case.

The best yogurt!

For lunch, I made chicken with veggies and added some soy sauce.  I also put lettuce in half the container for some added volume.   On the side, I am having pineapple (soo good) and a bar.

chicken with soy sauce and veggies, pineapple, bar

Maybe it’s the way I am looking at it, but the chicken aspect doesn’t look like much, but it really is.  It must have sunk underneath because its about 1.5 chicken breasts worth (the thin kind).

I want to celebrate this weekend.  Anyone have any ideas what would be fun to do?


Are you planning to go to Starbucks today for the half price frappucinos?

Do you get sucked into sales?

I totally do.  If it’s on sale, I’m like but it’s cheaper!  Even if I don’t totally need it.  I am practicing to be better though!


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