Slipped my mind..

I had a thought, and I said ooh I should write about that in my blog… but than I forgot what it was.  I’ll admit it, I was trying to find sales in the grocery ad and got completely distracted.   I am trying to think of ideas for dinners.  Any suggestions?  This is my dilemma..

I don’t really like meat that much.  When I eat a meal I much prefer to go for any else than the meat.   I used to love burgers, but recently was craving one..cooked it.. and only ate 1/4 of it because I just didn’t like it.  The only meats I like are chicken, turkey, and certain low fat hot dogs.  I know hot dogs???  Gross right?  The ones I buy are purely beef or chicken and only have I believe 3g of fat.

This got me thinking.. why not get more creative?   I’ve had black bean burgers before and I liked them a lot.    Why not cook up a bunch and have them ready to throw on the grill like Emily did. The problems:

1. My boyfriend is a total meat and potatoes guy. Which is totally fine, but than I also have to plan some sort of meat dinner. Thankfully we bought some ground beef this weekend, so I’ll make him a burger.

2. I don’t have a food processor. One of the many things I really want. (I also want a waffle maker, a cuisinart panini maker that you can also make pancakes on, and a vitamixer). Maybe for holidays I can start asking for them.

I figure I’ll try to mix the mixture up as well as possible. We will see how it goes.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Here isa yummy Kodiak cake cooking up.  I forgot to take a picture of it when it was done because the phone rang.  These are the best pancakes!

Below I took pictures of the process for making french press coffee and storing it in anempty teddie peanut butter jar.

First you set up your workstation.  I have the starbucks decaf and caf  coffee ready.  The french press has three scopps of coffee (mixed decaf and caf)  and my hot coffee from my keurig.   (I make french press coffee for iced coffee).  Than you add boiling waterand let it sit for 4 minutes ( i always let it sit longer, mostly cause I forget about it).

And the final masterpiece is my cleaned jar of peanut butter and I add my coffee to it to keep it fresh.  I was very proud of this idea.

Alright, off to work, than the grocery store, which happens to be next to starbuck which still has half off fraps from 3-5.  I might just stop by and have to get one!

Have a good day!


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