What is healthy?

I am finding it so difficult to figure out exactly what being healthy means to me.   After speaking to different people, I realize that we all have very different ideas of what being healthy is.  When I first started reading blogs, I thought wow these women can eat so much and still be in shape.   I automatically made myself believe it was because they are so active.

For me, being healthy means eating nutritious foods that help my body function.   For example, if I eat veggies I feel good because I know I am putting something positive into my body.  If I eat cookies, I might feel comforted, but I begin to think what did this cookie do to help me nourish my body?   That’s it.  I need to nourish my body.  No one else is going to take care of my body.  If I don’t feed my body it will rebel and stop functioning.  If I only give my body garbage to eat than it will always be lethargic.

This morning, I had a cup of coffee.  Than I had a chobani vanilla yogurt, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, 1 wheatbix biscuit, and 1/2 banana all mixed together.   It was delicious and satisfying.  I also feel that every part of my breakfast helped nourish my body (well except for the coffee).   I think that if at each meal I make an effort to nourish my body I will be happier with how my body functions.

I don’t know.  It’s always difficult to figure out what works for your body.   Especially since our bodies are always changing… hmmm….


How have you found the perfect balance of  nourishment for your body?


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