Am I glowing?


I have been eyeing those Glo-bars for quite some time now.  Angela, from Oh She Glows , creates these yummy granola bars in her bakery and sells them. I have wanted to order them for a while, but frankly I am sort of cheap and didn’t want to spend the money. After months of looking at other bars in the grocery store and being so disappointed with all of the processed junk, I decided my health is worth the money. I mean c’mon really! I keep thinking back to the fall when I wasn’t worried so much about calories and more worried about feeding my body for energy and I actually lose a few pounds and maintained it. I never felt deprived, but when I try to “diet” I ALWAYS feel deprived and revolt.

So, I patiently waited for the bars to come in the mail. Yes, I tracked them on fedex multiple times. I was excited, what can I say! So far I have tried the Adore bar, which is a s’more like bar. It has homemade marshmallows and tastes pretty delicious. I have also tried the Classic bar, which is a peanut butter flavored bar. The third bar I have tried is the Awake bar, which is organic dark roast coffee flavored. I don’t have a favorite yet, but I like them all. I am excited to try the other flavors that I have.

I love how I can pronounce all of the ingredients in these bars. It makes me feel like I am putting fuel into my body and not junk. My only con is that I am used to REALLY sweet foods. I am used to the full sugared granola bars from the grocery store that have a looooong list of ingredients that I cannot pronounce. At first bite I thought the bars would be sweeter, but then I remembered that I don’t want all of that sugar in my bars. I like them as they are because all of the ingredients will benefit my body.

I am also used to 90-100 calorie bars (hence weight watchers mentality less calories is better). I’ll admit the amount of calories is a little scary for me. I’m not sure why, but a 200-250 calorie bar seems like a bit much to me. I decided I can eat half or just eat the whole thing as a filling snack that will hold me over longer than a 90 calorie bar that has no nutritional value.


Breakfast was inspired by the maker of the Glo-bars, Angela.  I’ve noticed she’s been making these Vegan Overnight Oats and mixes it with banana soft serve.  How delicious does that sound?  Head over to her website to see the pictures! I was literally drooling everytime I saw them.  I finally remembered to make the overnight oats last night and put them in the fridge for this morning.

In the oats:

  • 1/3 cup of oats
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds

Mix it all up and put in the fridge overnight.  In the morning, take a frozen banana and put it in a food processor.  I had to add some almond milk to it in order to get it a little liquidy.  I layered the oats and the soft serve in a glass.  I than added a dash of galaxy granola for crunch.  It was pretty good.  As I have already mentioned, I am used to really sweet foods, and expected this to magically taste like ice cream, but obviously it didn’t.  It tasted wholesome and delicious.  I would like to try to add fruit to my soft serve the next time for more flavor.

Today’s plan

Today I might be going to the pool with a friend and than we are heading to the Portuguese festival in town.  We are going to be eating dinner and hanging out there for most of the night.  I hope it’s a good time!


Do you have any plans for today?

Have you ever tried overnight oats?  If so, what do you put in them?


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