Oatmeal Champ

I just have to report that my oats this morning kept me full for over 5 hours!  This never happens! I am always hungry every 2 hours.  I’ll admit it, when I ate my oats I was thinking”there is no way this is going to keep me full.”  But I went out to the farmers market with a friend and than to the pool and at about 2:45 one of my friends couldn’t handle it anymore and was starving for lunch.  We went to a local pizza place and I split a personal salad pizza with a friend.  I only ate 2 of my 3 slices.  (they were literally smaller than dominos slices, had no cheese, and barely any veggies… very disappointing).   I also munched on a few pieces of pineapple, but that’s it.

I’ve been drinking a lot of water and honestly between the water and the oats I feel great! I can easily see how eating oats in the morning will prevent me from over eating the rest of the day.  That reminds me.. I should make overnight oats now as I will be out for the rest of the night.  There will be plenty of food tonight and drinks galore.  Have a great Satruday night!


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