Don’t rain..don’t rain

Good morning!   Today I have special event to attend! My boyfriend’s cousin is getting married!  I am so excited!  I love weddings!  Good food, good friends, good times!  I am mostly excited about all of the good food.   For some reason,  I love the cocktail hour more than the meal itself.  I guess that just shows you a little bit about myself.   I am much more of a small meal/snacker type of gal rather than a big meal gal.   I get full very quickly, but an hour later want to eat again.  I also love tasting many different foods during my meal. You will probably never see me order a pasta dish at a restaurant.  It’s not because I don’t like pasta.  You see it is because I don’t like the idea of all of my food having one similiar taste.

This is why the cocktail hour is so amazing.  I get to sample many different foods and enjoy them!  In the past I try to not fill up during the cocktail hour, but I realized that I often don’t much of my dinner.  This leaves me hungry by the end of the night!  Ah!!  That reminds me, must pack snacks for after the wedding.  I will probably pack a Glo-bar.

It looks very gloomy outside. I am hoping it doesn’t rain at least not too much.  I would much prefer for them to have a sunny day!   Luckily the wedding is inside, but I know the cocktail hour is supposed to be outside.  What do you think of planning a wedding outside?  I think they always look so pretty, but the weather is just so unpredictable.  Especially since weddings are planned so far in advance.  The only way I would ever agree to plan any part of my wedding outside is if they had a back up for in case it rains (like we could move it inside with no problemo!)

I haven’t had any meals yet, but I will post them all tomorrow after the wedding!  Expect to see some pictures of some amazing food!

Enjoy your day!


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