Sore legs, but feeling good

Good morning!  Yesterday I was so figgity that I decided to run/walk to my boyfriend’s mom’s house.  I figured he would meet me there in a little while.  I ran a little more than half way (1.2 miles) and than walked directly uphill for almost the rest of the way (.8 mile).   Man, was I sweating!  The air was so thick.   I was suprised I even made it as far as I did running.   It took me 25 minutes to complete.   Once I got to her house I realized no one was home!  So I had a few options.  I could sit on the couch and watch tv, I could take a car back home, or I could take the dog for a walk back to my house.   I chose to take the dog.

Let me explain.. this dog is lazy!  His name is shaggy and he is very cute, but he doesn’t go far distances.  He used to be more active when we had another dog there, but we no longer have that dog.   At first he was so excited to go for a walk that he was pulling me, but I kindly told him to save his energy for later in the walk.  What?  You don’t talk to your dog in public?  =)

The beginning part was now down hill and he did alright.  But once we got to the uphill part.. the poor little guy was breathing so hard!  I decided to carry him a little.  Wow! What an arm workout! He was so heavy that I had to put him back down.  He made it a little farther and than gave up!  He just found a piece of grass and laid down.  I knew he had enough, so I carried him the rest of the way home.  The poor guy was panting for hours! I was proud of him though for making it so far.  His mommy told me that he went to sleep VERY early last night!

For me, I woke up sore!  My legs are aching!   I know I should do some sort of activity to get my legs stretched out, but I’m worried about becoming sore tonight.  I have to go to a wedding and am wearing heels.  Hmm… what should I do?  Even though I am sore, I feel great! I am so happy that I did 4 miles and really sweat! It feels so good.  I really need to invest in a gym membership.  I loved going to the gym, but it got expensive.

I have another question for you guys..  how come when you start working out the scale goes up?  It ALWAYS does for me.  This morning it went up a pound and I know it’s not because of food.  Is my body retaining water?  Are my muscles tight?  I’m not stressed out about it, but I am wondering why this happens.  It usually goes right back down within a few day.

On the agenda for today:

  • Get a manicure
  • Do some sort of activity
  • Pick up deodorant for the boy (he nicely asked me to at 5 am)
  • Get ready for the wedding
  • Have fun!

Pretty exciting stuff eh?

Oh I got an order of Western Alternative bagels yesterday and picked up my favorite fat free vegetable cream cheese.  I bet you can guess what I’m having for breakfast.

Have a great Saturday!


3 responses to “Sore legs, but feeling good

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  2. So i love a good bagel. Are these alternative bagels really that great? I have had my grocery brand high fiber ones, and they just don’t do it for me.
    Do you have to order online or can you purchase at some grocery stores?

    • Hi there, I really enjoy the alternative bagels. I buy them online at They obviously aren’t like a bagel from a New York bagel place, but they do the trick and don’t taste rubbery or anything.

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