Hi there!  Well I recently realized I had too many Glo-bars on hand and decided to pass some along. I contacted Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats to see if she’d be interested in trying some. I was more than happy to share. The funny thing is by doing something nice for someone else I have been in the best mood since I found out she received the package.

Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture to make someone’s day. Even if you are just walking outside and say hello to someone, it might mean a lot to them. I always try to be cheerful to other people and most importantly be patient (that’s a whole other story… I dislike when people are impatient).

The title of my post is wowzaa because I noticed that Kristin linked to my site and I have had a lot of views from that. Not only was I already in a great mood, but I also got super excited that people were reading my blog.

I have had a lot of trouble starting this blog up. I decided that I can’t put pressure on myself to immediately post three times a day. I have to ease into it and get used to it first.

So I’ve realized a few things:
1. Don’t force yourself into something.. it’s okay to ease into it and see if you like doing it.
2. Doing something nice for others brings a smile to your face and theirs.
3. The blog community is pretty awesome. I love how supportive everyone is.

Alrighty, I am off. Have a fantastic night!!!!


2 responses to “Wowzaaa

  1. It definitely takes time to get into blogging. I’ve been doing it almost 7 months and still working into the swing of things. It should never be something you are pressured to do. : )

    I found your blog through Julie’s. I loved your blog name story.

  2. I have a blog for about a year, but not many visitors and comments. But it’s ok, I do it for myself, and I will continue to write my not-so-interesting posts. I do really appreciate comments, and they help me a lot sometimes.

    It’s really nice what you’ve done with all that bars!

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