I am Lindsay!  I am on a mission to live a healthy life.  In the real world it’s hard to always eat healthy, I want to be able to balance out the good and the bad.

My Story:

Throughout high school I was a little heavy (except sophomore year when I played field hockey).   I entered college at about 147 pounds I think.   It was my first time away from home.  I knew nothing about food or nutrition.   So what do you do when you have a dining hall, numerous places to eat,  and a grocery store across the street?   You eat.. and eat… and eat.  I was only away for one semester before I realized I wanted to come home.   I believe I was between 150-160 pounds at this point.

I got home and realized none of my clothes fit me anymore, but I still wasn’t ready to do anything about it.   My first weekend home I connected with my now boyfriend.  In the next year, we went out to lunch everyday at a local pizza place and ate out frequently for dinner.    I am pretty sure I was about 160 at this point, but never weighed myself to find out.

One year into our relationship, he went away for a week.  During that week I decided to join Weight Watchers.   In the first few months I lost about 12 pounds, than maintained for awhile.   Within a year and a half I lost about 30 pounds.  I got down to 126.  I maintained this weight for almost a year before I gained back over 20 pounds.  At this point I had had enough of dieting and just wanted to eat.    I soon realized how quickly and how much I gained and went back to Weight Watchers.  It wasn’t easy, but over the course of a few years I have lost the weight.   This year while busy with student teaching and going to graduate school I did not diet, but maintained 131.

Being so busy I couldn’t even think about dieting.  I knew that the breakfast and lunches I had needed to hold me over for a long time, so I packed them with the intent of being healthy and satisfying.

As soon as I graduated in May 2010, all I wanted to do was rest.  I have gained about 7 pounds and am currently trying to lose it before my 25th birthday in January. This time it is different though.  I don’t want to do it by counting points.  I want to figure out how to eat healthy, balanced meals where I am satisfied.    I do not want to depend on a lot of processed foods.

This is my healthy living journey.


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  1. Sounds like you have the right mindset! Balance is such an easy thing to say but a hard thing to learn. For me, its always been all or nothing but that never leads down a good path so now im learning to be more balanced. Good luck with your journey!


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