Am I glowing?


I have been eyeing those Glo-bars for quite some time now.  Angela, from Oh She Glows , creates these yummy granola bars in her bakery and sells them. I have wanted to order them for a while, but frankly I am sort of cheap and didn’t want to spend the money. After months of looking at other bars in the grocery store and being so disappointed with all of the processed junk, I decided my health is worth the money. I mean c’mon really! I keep thinking back to the fall when I wasn’t worried so much about calories and more worried about feeding my body for energy and I actually lose a few pounds and maintained it. I never felt deprived, but when I try to “diet” I ALWAYS feel deprived and revolt.

So, I patiently waited for the bars to come in the mail. Yes, I tracked them on fedex multiple times. I was excited, what can I say! So far I have tried the Adore bar, which is a s’more like bar. It has homemade marshmallows and tastes pretty delicious. I have also tried the Classic bar, which is a peanut butter flavored bar. The third bar I have tried is the Awake bar, which is organic dark roast coffee flavored. I don’t have a favorite yet, but I like them all. I am excited to try the other flavors that I have.

I love how I can pronounce all of the ingredients in these bars. It makes me feel like I am putting fuel into my body and not junk. My only con is that I am used to REALLY sweet foods. I am used to the full sugared granola bars from the grocery store that have a looooong list of ingredients that I cannot pronounce. At first bite I thought the bars would be sweeter, but then I remembered that I don’t want all of that sugar in my bars. I like them as they are because all of the ingredients will benefit my body.

I am also used to 90-100 calorie bars (hence weight watchers mentality less calories is better). I’ll admit the amount of calories is a little scary for me. I’m not sure why, but a 200-250 calorie bar seems like a bit much to me. I decided I can eat half or just eat the whole thing as a filling snack that will hold me over longer than a 90 calorie bar that has no nutritional value.


Breakfast was inspired by the maker of the Glo-bars, Angela.  I’ve noticed she’s been making these Vegan Overnight Oats and mixes it with banana soft serve.  How delicious does that sound?  Head over to her website to see the pictures! I was literally drooling everytime I saw them.  I finally remembered to make the overnight oats last night and put them in the fridge for this morning.

In the oats:

  • 1/3 cup of oats
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds

Mix it all up and put in the fridge overnight.  In the morning, take a frozen banana and put it in a food processor.  I had to add some almond milk to it in order to get it a little liquidy.  I layered the oats and the soft serve in a glass.  I than added a dash of galaxy granola for crunch.  It was pretty good.  As I have already mentioned, I am used to really sweet foods, and expected this to magically taste like ice cream, but obviously it didn’t.  It tasted wholesome and delicious.  I would like to try to add fruit to my soft serve the next time for more flavor.

Today’s plan

Today I might be going to the pool with a friend and than we are heading to the Portuguese festival in town.  We are going to be eating dinner and hanging out there for most of the night.  I hope it’s a good time!


Do you have any plans for today?

Have you ever tried overnight oats?  If so, what do you put in them?


Mixed feelings

In the last few weeks I’ve ganied a few pounds.  They are bothering me a lot.   I don’t know why they are upsetting me so much, but I really need to lose them.  All week I’ve been trying to eat well, but night time occurs and I eat extra that I don’t need.  It’s really hard to wake up and not feel discouraged when you are constantly hungry and never really satsified.  The only new additions to my diet that I eat almost everday are coconut butter (which I take a teaspoon or two and melt, and mix in with my cereal)  and chia seeds (which I used about  a teaspoon) in my cereal also.  Let me show you what I ate yesterday:



  • 1/2 mushy banana
  • 1/8 cup of almond milk
  • 1/4 cup of pineapple
  • 2 handfuls of frozen spinach
  • 3 blackberries (the rest were old)
  • 1 teaspoon of almond butter


Left over grilled chicken salad fromthe night before.

  • Grilled chiken (3 oz or so)
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • 1/3 of avocado
  • Some leftover balsamic (barely any though)

Also had a cracker and some watermelon


  • 96% lean ground burger with half of slice of cheese on a sandwich thin
  • 3 or 4 french fries
  • broccoli


  • 100 calorie protein bar
  • 2 dates
  • Clif Z bar
  • 2 bowls of cereal: 1 teaspoon coconut butter, 3/4 cup of puffins, 1 cup almond milk, 4 chocolate chips
  • 2 babyruths minis
  • bite of  chocolate bar
  • 1 chocolate chip cookie
  • Peanut butter filled pretzels

So as you can see my meals are fine.. it’s just my snacks.   The cookie and pretzels I had during the middle of the night!  It’s a bad habit I have when I’m not sleeping well and I stopped for a long time, but recently started to grab a snack again.  Thanks to my boyfriend for purchasing  a bag of candy.  He bought a ton of chocolate and my dad brought over the cookies.  Neither do I want in the house because than it’s easier to eat.   Hopefully the boyfriend will eat the chocolate very fast.. haha.

I think I need to make my meals more filling, but I’d prefer to eat like 6 mini meals throughout the day.  I get hungry very fast.

I also started running this week.   The running mixed with the “special gift” women get once a month is just adding to the water weight and being so hungry.  I hope it passes soon.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


Yesterday afternoon I noticed on facebook that Chobani was going to be playing SPOONS.    On their website there is a section for the game spoons, when they open it up you can grab a spoon and you will receive a case of chobani yogurt.  A few months ago I tried to play. I waited…and waited…and waited for the game to start, and of course when I wasn’t paying attention it started.  The gamwas over in a few minutes and I missed it.

This time around I wasn’t going to miss it.  I kept reloading their twitter page that’s where they notify you when the game is going to begin).     I’ll admit it.. I kept reloading from about 3 p.m. until the game began which I believe was somewhere in the 7 pm hour (I forget).  My boyfriend was laughing at me because I kept reloading the page.   All of a sudden, it was on!   I sat up so fast and tried to grab a spoon.  The first one I tried to grab someone else already got.  Than I quickly tried to grab another.  Isn’t it funny how you t th emouse to go where you want when you are in a time crunch?

Well, guess what?  I got a spoon!  I won a case of chobani yogurt! I am so excited! I love it so much.  I really never feel that way about a food product.  I usually go through stages of liking something a lot an dthan that’s it.  But no, not with my chobani!

Love Affair Began

Let me tell you how my love affair with Chobani began.   Last summer, summer 2009, I was trying to begin to eat healthier.  I had heard people talking about greek yogurt, but I just wasn’t sure about it.  I bought a few different kinds to try.   I’ve tried the Oikos, Brown Cow, Fage, and Yoplait greek yogurts.  They were all just alright, except the Yoplait was flat out gross.  I had a tough time with the tartness  of the greek yogurts.  I added maple syrup to sweeten it the first few times I had it.  Now the though of adding anything to sweeten it ruins the yogurt for me.

Nothing compared to the Chobani though.  All of the flavors are pretty good.  I prefer the plain or vanilla and adding my own in, but I’ll eat any of the flavors if they are handed to me.   Come  September I began babysitting Mon-Fri.   I had to bring a lunch and quickly got sick of sandwiches.   I wanted something delicious! I began to bring Chobani yogurt, some granola (Mix my granola is still one of my favorites.. I need to order some soon.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  You can make your own mix or buy a pre made mix.)   I got so addicted to eating it everyday.  I really think it is good for your stomach too.  Helps keep everything functioning the way it’s supposed to.

As you can see, I’ve been eating Chobani consistenly since September.   I must always have a few in my fridge otherwise I get nervous that I am going to run out.   (By the way,I do not get any compensation or anything from Chobani.. I truly really enjoy their yogurt and wanted to share).

What’s your favorite kind of yogurt?

What is healthy?

I am finding it so difficult to figure out exactly what being healthy means to me.   After speaking to different people, I realize that we all have very different ideas of what being healthy is.  When I first started reading blogs, I thought wow these women can eat so much and still be in shape.   I automatically made myself believe it was because they are so active.

For me, being healthy means eating nutritious foods that help my body function.   For example, if I eat veggies I feel good because I know I am putting something positive into my body.  If I eat cookies, I might feel comforted, but I begin to think what did this cookie do to help me nourish my body?   That’s it.  I need to nourish my body.  No one else is going to take care of my body.  If I don’t feed my body it will rebel and stop functioning.  If I only give my body garbage to eat than it will always be lethargic.

This morning, I had a cup of coffee.  Than I had a chobani vanilla yogurt, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, 1 wheatbix biscuit, and 1/2 banana all mixed together.   It was delicious and satisfying.  I also feel that every part of my breakfast helped nourish my body (well except for the coffee).   I think that if at each meal I make an effort to nourish my body I will be happier with how my body functions.

I don’t know.  It’s always difficult to figure out what works for your body.   Especially since our bodies are always changing… hmmm….


How have you found the perfect balance of  nourishment for your body?

Slipped my mind..

I had a thought, and I said ooh I should write about that in my blog… but than I forgot what it was.  I’ll admit it, I was trying to find sales in the grocery ad and got completely distracted.   I am trying to think of ideas for dinners.  Any suggestions?  This is my dilemma..

I don’t really like meat that much.  When I eat a meal I much prefer to go for any else than the meat.   I used to love burgers, but recently was craving one..cooked it.. and only ate 1/4 of it because I just didn’t like it.  The only meats I like are chicken, turkey, and certain low fat hot dogs.  I know hot dogs???  Gross right?  The ones I buy are purely beef or chicken and only have I believe 3g of fat.

This got me thinking.. why not get more creative?   I’ve had black bean burgers before and I liked them a lot.    Why not cook up a bunch and have them ready to throw on the grill like Emily did. The problems:

1. My boyfriend is a total meat and potatoes guy. Which is totally fine, but than I also have to plan some sort of meat dinner. Thankfully we bought some ground beef this weekend, so I’ll make him a burger.

2. I don’t have a food processor. One of the many things I really want. (I also want a waffle maker, a cuisinart panini maker that you can also make pancakes on, and a vitamixer). Maybe for holidays I can start asking for them.

I figure I’ll try to mix the mixture up as well as possible. We will see how it goes.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Here isa yummy Kodiak cake cooking up.  I forgot to take a picture of it when it was done because the phone rang.  These are the best pancakes!

Below I took pictures of the process for making french press coffee and storing it in anempty teddie peanut butter jar.

First you set up your workstation.  I have the starbucks decaf and caf  coffee ready.  The french press has three scopps of coffee (mixed decaf and caf)  and my hot coffee from my keurig.   (I make french press coffee for iced coffee).  Than you add boiling waterand let it sit for 4 minutes ( i always let it sit longer, mostly cause I forget about it).

And the final masterpiece is my cleaned jar of peanut butter and I add my coffee to it to keep it fresh.  I was very proud of this idea.

Alright, off to work, than the grocery store, which happens to be next to starbuck which still has half off fraps from 3-5.  I might just stop by and have to get one!

Have a good day!


Well today is sort of bittersweet.  I am finishing my student teaching today! At 3:05 pm I will be able to say I have my Masters Degree and am a teacher!   I am very excited, but also sad to leave.   It has been suchan amzing experience.  I have learned so much.   To treat myself, I am going straight to starbucks to get a grande frappucino!  (I’ve been having coffee light, but I might try a different light one)  since they are half price from 3-5!

Breakfast is going to be chobani yogurt again.  I’m telling you I cannot live without this stuff.  I just noticed I only have 2 left in my fridge.. I def need to stock up this weekend.  I get nervous if my supply gets too low.  I wish I could buy them by the case, but vanilla is my favorite flavor and they don’t come by the case.

The best yogurt!

For lunch, I made chicken with veggies and added some soy sauce.  I also put lettuce in half the container for some added volume.   On the side, I am having pineapple (soo good) and a bar.

chicken with soy sauce and veggies, pineapple, bar

Maybe it’s the way I am looking at it, but the chicken aspect doesn’t look like much, but it really is.  It must have sunk underneath because its about 1.5 chicken breasts worth (the thin kind).

I want to celebrate this weekend.  Anyone have any ideas what would be fun to do?


Are you planning to go to Starbucks today for the half price frappucinos?

Do you get sucked into sales?

I totally do.  If it’s on sale, I’m like but it’s cheaper!  Even if I don’t totally need it.  I am practicing to be better though!

Shape up or ship out!

Somehow I have managed to get through the winter without gaining any weight.  At some point I found a good balance of eating what I craved and nutritional food.  I have lost that balance! I don’t know what’s going on, but I have gained 5 pounds in the last month.  I know that I’ve been eating too much in the evening.  This is my problem.    I get out of student teaching and grab a snack.. usually it doesnt satisfy me so I eat a few things.  Than I am too full for a real dinner and end up just eating snacks throughout the evening.  So I’ve decided to create a challenge for myself.  It’s going to be called shape up or ship out (SUSO).

I just feel like I am eating way too much bread and processed foods.  They make me crave more bread and processed foods!  Than I end up eating way more than I need and end up feeling gross!     I finish student teaching tomorrow, so I will have more time on my hands to focus on the fitness part of the challenge.

My goal is to eat more nutritionally based foods that satisfy me.  This is breakfast!  I truly do have a love for Chobani! I’m obsessed with it! There is something about it that is always so satisfying and delicious!

And this is lunch.  Sorry it’s blurry.  I can’t figure out how to take good pictures inside of the house.  I am trying to do it next to a window for natural light and I turned off the flash, but I just don’t know.

Lunch is:

  • Chicken mixed with lettuce
  • a sprinkle of almonds
  • broccoli
  • drizzle of agave nectar
  • drizzle of balsamic vinegar

On the side, I have some cut up pineapple, a reduced fat cheese stick, and a nutrilite caramel creme bar.

The nutrilite bars are 100 calories and very yummy!  My friend did this program called Healthpointe and on it you can have all of the nutrilite products.  I’ve tried a bunch of the products and really like most of them, but I find the diet hard to stick to.  Also, the products are expensive so this will most likely be my last order of the bars.

So for, SUSO challenge my breakfast and lunch seem to be great!  I plan to barbeque chicken for dinner and make some veggies.  I need another snack somewhere in there.

Oh my boyfriend’s twin brother works at Starbucks and told me that tomorrow, Friday May 7, 2010 Starbucks is having a happy hour special.  From 3-5 pm all of the frappucinos are half off! I am definitely planning on going.   Starbucks revamped their frappucinos and now they are not made out of a premade mix.  It’s fresh milk (non fat, whole, or soy), a syrup, and some sort of coffee.  You can even get them decaf now!  I had one the other day and it tasted so much better than the old ones.

Alright all have a good day!


How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle?